Assets 10

This release contains a backport of the fix for CVE-2018-17144 (DoS and unbound inflation bug) in the form of Bitcoin Core PR #14247.

This is the unmodified version of Garlicoin Core and does not contain any custom patches. For the edition see this release.

Most users will probably want to download the 64-bit Windows Installer, or if you are running an older version of Windows, the 32-bit Windows Installer instead. If you don't want an installer you can download a ZIP file (64-bit, 32-bit) instead.

Linux/Unix users can either download precompiled binaries (64-bit, 32-bit), but for more experienced users compiling from source code is recommended.

File checksums

Below are the SHA256 checksums of all files available for download here:

b7f4e179e69c568ce4651d153939b8fb04fe69f4af6b1244867c72563534acf8  garlicoin-core-
e8935947b00f36052f43451fd601c18c6d3d76c17243285c083e30ca4c46d19d  garlicoin-core-
bea1da0bcfbc6c69f953446ac8b8e3c0ce32a092d26c2e0314fc8f5d162bd566  garlicoin-core-
160dfb73dcaa69d81dfefb208c1b89175419d694c54e71a30aa06426457ff717  garlicoin-core-
39ae86cd967f1b5e4501d504c2af4e02f681f1c36efd541c669c997876f463d4  garlicoin-core-
ca4988d4e3cb5a031c96f28fbbf0e504117e1ec43ed455392f6e450478c6ce7f  garlicoin-core-src-

The following signature, created using my well-known address GR1Vcgj2r6EjGQJHHGkAUr1XnidA19MrxC can be used to verify the authenticity of the hashes above:


All files here were created using a gitian based deterministic build process. You can verify the binaries here were created using the source code in this repository by executing this build process yourself. For more information see the documentation within the repository.