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Audios storage web application solution. (Python)
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MusicSync Server: Centralized catalogized audio content storage server solution

  • Open Source GNU GPLv3 License
  • Your own audios storage: alternative to VK`s audios (or another), where DMCA enforce administration to delete piracy content.
  • When you host your audios at your own server, no one exclude you can delete something (beware law enforcement structures or your country, software author disclaims all responsibility from himself!).
  • Playlists (albums) implemented
  • Simple and powerful access control system
  • HTTP GET/POST & JSON based API for custom applications interraction

Dependenices: Python 2.7 with standard modules + bottle, paste & mutagen


authshow_0_o Authentication

homepage_0_o Home page

allaudios_0_o All audios

globalsearchshow_0_o Search

cphomepage_0_o Control panel home page

cphomepage_0_o Accounts & access control: Simple and flexible permissions configuration.

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