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Technical terms with straightforward definitions.

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A glossary of technical terms that are easy to miscomprehend or hard to remember in plain terms.


I want your help! I want to know what words confuse you the way authenticate and authorize continue to confuse me after over three years of web development. I also want the definitions you have that are better than mine.

Suggesting a new word

To suggest a word that needs a definition, please use the GitHub Issues page for this repo and make an issue with "Define xxxx" as the topic.

Suggesting a new word and definition pair

Man, you're great! I can already tell we're going to be friends. Fork this project and add your word to the entries folder. See the entries readme for details on the format.

Suggesting an alternate definition

I'm always interested in making the glossary better, but I want to keep it simple. Changes to existing definitions will only be accepted if they're demonstrably better than he current one. I'm hoping to avoid ratholing as much as possible as I'm extremely prone to it myself.

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