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EmberConf 2018

A collection of links (and notes) that summarize the events of EmberConf 2018. Please submit a PR if you'd like!

Inspired by @poteto's past EmberConf repos. See 2017, 2016, and 2015 for previous years!


Other Blogs & Highlights

Photos / Videos of Event

Job board

See photos here. Pictures were taken around 1 PM PST on Wednesday March 14.

Day 1


Keynote by Tom Dale and Yehuda Katz

Overall, lots of API improvements, as well as exciting advances in Glimmer.js.

Brief interlude from sponsor by Mike Fotinakis is "Solving visual testing across design, development, and deployment." "Stop doing QA in the dark. See every pixel changed on every pull request."

Ambitious for All: Accessibility in Ember by Melanie Sumner

Be magnanimous.

Everything they didn't tell you about the Ember Community by Jessica Jordan

Jessica provides an exhaustive overview of the Ember.js ecosystem and Emberista subculture.

The Next Generation of Testing by Tobias Bieniek

Tobias introduces new, elegant testing APIs in Ember.

Say More by Jamie White

Jamie examines test abstractions, and how one might hide details and edge cases behind a less powerful test language.

Who Moved My Cheese? Ember's New Filesystem Layout by Matthew Beale

No summary yet. Open a PR!

Mastering the Art of Forms by Danielle Adams

Danielle dives into component and data design for use in form UI and UX.

How To Build A Bonfire: On Training and Hiring New Devs by Taylor Jones

No summary yet. Open a PR!

  • Video
  • Slides
  • Mythical Man Month
    • Can't throw people at a problem... or can you :shipit:
  • Help your team become skilled at Ember
  • "...context of a developer's past affects how they understand the future..."
    • Example: React vs. Angular background
  • Have a style guide
    • Not just syntax, but how to do things

Living Animation by Edward Faulkner

mind blown

  • Video
  • Slides
  • Animation approaches
    • Tweening
    • Procedural animation: rules and physics models in games
  • liquid-fire
    • Separation between app logic and animation
    • Establish rules (like in games) and let motions emerge
  • ember-animated, "Glimmer"-ization of liquid-fire
  • ef4/living-animation

Day 2


The Future of Data in Ember by Dan Gebhardt

No summary yet. Open a PR!

Smartphone Symphony by Gavin Joyce

No summary yet. Open a PR!

Reuse, Recycle: One Team's Journey From Projects to Products by Sarah Bostwick

No summary yet. Open a PR!

Deep Dive on Ember Events by Marie Chatfield

Marie offers a lucid explanation of the subtle differences between DOM event and Ember event handling.

Building a Memex in Ember by Andrew Louis

Andrew demos his impressive life events database and graph query language and UI. Also his history of eclectic burrito consumption.

Brief interlude from sponsor LinkedIn


Prying Open the Black Box by Godfrey Chan

Godfrey explains debugging techniques by making analogies to the Hawaii missile false alarm and Columbia disaster. He also gives an overview of Chrome Devtools tricks for debugging Ember apps.

  • Video
  • Slides
  • Read stack traces from top to bottom
  • Use debugger to freeze time, then go up and down stack
  • Blackboxing stack frames to hide frames you don't want
  • Chrome DevTools tricks
    • Conditional breakpoints in chrome devtools
    • Breakpoint on Ajax request
    • Right click & continue to here
    • import { assert, debug } from '@ember/debug';
    • "Continue to end" to escape breakpoints in for loop
    • Ember Inspector
    • Right click -> Show function definition
    • Break on DOM subtree modifications

Minitalk: Contributor Rally by Sean Massa

Sean rallies the crowd and lists the various ways people contribute to the Ember.js community.

Minitalk: Toyota's Shared Component Library by Tony Ward

Tony presents Toyota's shared component library, named "Loom".

Minitalk: Lightning Thoughts on Lightning Deploy by Christina Kung

Christine presents on how ember-cli-deploy helps with deployment on Conde Nast's built-in-Ember CMS "Copilot".

  • Video
  • Slides - Not uploaded yet. Submit a PR if you find it!
  • Addons
    • ember-cli-deploy
    • ember-cli-deploy-lightning-pack

Minitalk: Ember CLI Addon Docs by Sam Selikoff

Sam Selikoff presents ember-cli-addon-docs, a standard documentation solution for Ember addons.

  • Video
  • Slides
  • Similar documentation sites
    • ember-cli-mirage (original)
    • ember-power-select
    • ember-cli-deploy
  • Docs sites that are more animated
    • liquid-fire
    • ember-concurrency
  • Examples of ember-cli-addon-docs sites
    • ember-data-storefront

Minitalk: Let Me Ember This for You by Serena Fritsch

Serena presents on her experience rewriting the Ember.js deprecation page in Ember.

Creating Fluid App-Like Experiences With Ember by Nick Schot

No summary yet. Open a PR!

Shining a Light (closing keynote) by Saron Yitbarek and Vaidehi Joshi

Saron and Vaidehi discuss community building, and how to build inclusive commmunities (without the jerks). More pink, 3 exclamation points minimum!!!


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