Memory efficient Python objects
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Based on what is now done in mypy: python/mypy#5417

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Welcome to Atom

Atom is a framework for creating memory efficient Python objects with enhanced features such as dynamic initialization, validation, and change notification for object attributes. It provides the default model binding behaviour for the Enaml UI framework.

Illustrative Example:

from atom.api import Atom, Unicode, Range, Bool, observe

class Person(Atom):
    """ A simple class representing a person object.

    last_name = Unicode()

    first_name = Unicode()

    age = Range(low=0)

    debug = Bool(False)

    def debug_print(self, change):
        """ Prints out a debug message whenever the person's age changes.

        if self.debug:
            templ = "{first} {last} is {age} years old."
            s = templ.format(
                first=self.first_name, last=self.last_name, age=self.age,

    def _default_first_name(self):
        return 'John'

john = Person(last_name='Doe', age=42)
john.debug = True
john.age = 43  # prints message
john.age = 'forty three'   # raises TypeError

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