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Merge pull request #4 from core23/develop
Release of new version 3.1.0
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core23 committed Jun 12, 2019
2 parents 4d3c49f + 3af005f commit 4387a351c667811e2727e3d15ef84df2e0c9aeb5
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@@ -1,3 +1,35 @@
11/06/2019 19:21 3.1.0 Removed support for outdated symfony versions
0ea6c19 [BUILD] Replaced deprecated "weak_vendors" option
08aed51 Added GitHub sponsoring information
d4cc44e [PATCH] Fixed CS
f73f6b7 [BUILD] Updated export-ignore files
02e0328 [BUILD] Updated build tools
e4ca379 [PATCH] Fixed S
4bfbfde [BUILD] Removed dependency stage from build matrix
ae62172 [TEST] Increased test coverage
265ba21 [TEST] Ignore phpstan error for test
d22a37b [TEST] Increased test converage
bdc58a3 [TEST] Fixed sitemap testsuite
2f4f5a0 [TEST] Removed impossible code
4445ab3 [PATCH] Throw specific exception if passing invalid service to manger
89c4d54 [MINOR] Deprecated AbstractSitemapService class
6c48de0 [PATCH] Fixed wrong internal variable names
5391a07 [PATCH] Added more precise PHPDoc
e997773 [TEST] Added more test methods
6c5077d [PATCH] Added more precise PHPDoc
c071561 [BUILD] Removed current copyright date
1572cea [BUILD] Cleanup phpstan config
477fa64 [BUILD] Cleanup phpstan errors
045c814 [BUILD] Added more tests
1b2caf6 [PATCH] Made AbstractSitemapServiceTestCase lastmod check more robust
383cc10 [BUILD] Added weak_vendors when calling phpunit
076408c [PATCH] Updated CS Fixer config and run
8479b66 [BUILD] Updated phpstan version
fa82a4b [BUILD] Fixed symfony test setup
2f6f61d [MINOR] Removed support for outdated symfony versions
41cfe94 Updated cs-fixer config
ac41b6c Added toString method to models
608d3cb Fixed CS
29/12/2018 08:50 3.0.1 Removed symfony deprecations
1f8b080 Fixed phpunit config for release command
c84ca4a Use asserts for type safe root config nodes
@@ -11,4 +43,4 @@ c204ddb Travis: Test against PHP 7.3
7a84780 Fixed syntax error in editorconfig
538403d Moved test dependencies to vendor-bin
6f84d8f Fixed CS
20/10/2018 16:18 3.0.0 Stable release
20/10/2018 16:18 3.0.0 Stable release

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