@levrado levrado released this Jan 2, 2019

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Mostly bug fixes, in areas of scale to zero and UI.
Changing github client to a better suited git client for function templates.
Allowing for global configuration to functions in platform config.

Full changes:
3d5aa1f (upstream/development, development) Replace github client with git client for nuclio templates (#1101)
f50a705 Remove override json header (#1099)
305b7b2 UI: Function template parameters tweaks (see desc.) (#1100)
090382a Allow to disable node port for functions (#1097)
1a78d99 UI: Add ability to set password fields in template params (#1098)
52a5a82 remove nuclio py sdk from nuclio repo (#1095)
25417d4 Scale to zero only when minReplicas=0 (#1093)
f8785f1 Fix Import export between clusters (#1092)
2aa63f9 Replace default-backend for dlx with service selector (#1089)
e01bf2e UI: Add "Clear" button to "Schedule" field of "Cron" trigger (#1090)
b032017 UI: new function statuses; fix N/A invocation URL (#1088)
8787f76 (origin/development, import_export_between_projects) Fix content type on invocation response (#1087)
5a39267 UI: shift "Logging" to prod; Fix Test Pane error on JSON response(#1086)
a1b3f97 Revert "[Fix] Set appropriate content type on function invocation response (#1084)" (#1085)
a9c831a [Fix] Set appropriate content type on function invocation response (#1084)

@pavius pavius released this Dec 14, 2018

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Functions can (easily) configure their log level and a (k8s only) hotfix for older Docker versions (e.g. 1.12).

Full changes:
03e1d71 Support Docker 1.12 (#1082)
c99b73a UI: Remove white background in description cell on hover (#1079)
868bd47 UI: Display proper error on function invocation error (#1077)
ee52b60 Functions can override logger configuration (#1076)
247d4e7 Bump version to 0.7.4

@pavius pavius released this Dec 10, 2018

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Introduces scale to zero, template variables, project imports.

Full changes:
f2ebdd9 (HEAD -> master, upstream/master, upstream/development, development) support invoker dlx integ (#1073)
13a4fe3 dont prepend when not needed (#1072)
486dceb Smaller README images + updated dashboard image (#1071)
bbb0c4a Source code passes in template for template response (#1070)
be8b2df Fix service dlx selector (#1069)
779bd90 Add scaler dlx to makefile (#1068)
2248e14 Allow customizing time field in JSON logging (#1067)
b5820fe Support GitHub templates with no access token (#1066)
a0a49bd Fix - Parsing volumes in nuctl deploy (#1044)
af35455 Scale to zero - DLX as default backend in function ingress (#1065)
a6920c0 Scale to zero (#1062)
d5295f6 UI: Projects: Add "Import project" action (#1061)
1e15e56 Allow JSON logger output to group all variables under a single key (#1064)
73d71f5 UI: Add support to function templates with parameters (#1063)
df406b7 Support Templating (#1019)
49b07ee Add namespace and function to metric labels (#1057)
8a11fcb update to 0.7.2

@pavius pavius released this Nov 30, 2018

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3 new triggers (backend only): kickstart, Google PubSub and Google IoT Core. Some backend and frontend bug fixes. Structured logging output (i.e. JSON log output) is now supported by controller, dashboard and functions - configurable through the platform configuration.

Full changes:
bb3ddad Controller/dashboard respect platform configuration logging; All support JSON outputs (#1055)
3c1f200 UI: Allow to enable/disable a function without build (#1050)
01ce570 UI: Enter key to submit new function form; Sort projects by name (#1049)
0b994ea Python functions report readiness after init_context, handle init_context exceptions (#1048)
01ad9d6 UI: Fix: Auto-focus not working in production build (in dialogs) (#1047)
a214978 Support pubsub headers (#1045)
b4c2e80 Fix 502 error when exceeding logs header limit (#1042)
275191b Move to quay (#1043)
75b27dc Support pubsub trigger (#1041)
7ea468b UI: Add "View YAML" for functions;Add cron interval placeholder (#1040)
adeba88 UI: Projects is falsely inactive when in create function screen (#1039)
ac97d29 Change source hash (#1033)
400921d change default hpa min,max (#1035)
47efac4 UI: Added option to export project(s) (#1036)
895344a add avatar (#1034)
b1501dd Kickstart trigger (#1032)
a487bc9 UI: Config/volumes: Add "Secret" and "Config map" classes (#1031)
4cfe788 Suport IOT Core MQTT trigger (#1029)
1a7583f Add support for MQTT client ID and protocol version (#1027)
8dc35ee UI: Add "Change text size" button to code editor (+ see desc.) (#1026)
815476a Impl IG-2017 [Nuclio] Add "Export" button to project screen (#1022)
3ff465f UI: Add some new color (#1021)
321815f UI: Fix Test pane visual bugs; Status Invocation URL is N/A (#1018)
21403b7 UI: Invocation port changes not reflected in status pane (#1011)
7e1c19a UI: Add Cron scheduler UI form instead of string (#1017)

@pavius pavius released this Oct 30, 2018 · 85 commits to master since this release

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Milestone release

@pavius pavius released this Oct 27, 2018 · 85 commits to master since this release

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Lots of options supported by the backend added to frontend + other goodies.

Full changes:
c829acd (HEAD -> development, upstream/development) UI: Fix: Code: Test pane: Event body not loaded on selection (#1013)
0127871 UI: Fix issue where deploy error is not displayed in logger (#1012)
b2311e7 UI: Added "Log Level" drop-down menu in event pane + fixes (#1010)
20aa162 UI: Add "GitHub" code entry type; Add "Work Dir" to "Archive" (#1007)
88acf2f UI: Add new fields to Configuration and Triggers (see desc.) (#1006)
0bda097 Panics during dashboard deploy are now logged (#1004)
1e1b649 Merge branch 'master' into development
d7a3593 (upstream/master, master) Bump resources to 0.5.14
3017801 UI: Add new fields to Configuration and Triggers (see desc.) (#1002)
37433ab Support load and save of docker archives (#998)
d67908c Doc: Update extra-config parameter to minikube start (#1000)
852daa9 GitHub entry type support (#997)
5540764 Replace alpine 3.6 -> 3.7 (#999)

@pavius pavius released this Oct 18, 2018 · 98 commits to master since this release

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Quick release to allow receiving larger headers in HTTP trigger.

Full changes:
33009bf Support configurable read buffer size in HTTP trigger (#996)

@pavius pavius released this Oct 15, 2018 · 100 commits to master since this release

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  • Controller and dashboard now read platform configuration (next version they will configure their logs properly and offer metrics)
  • Prometheus pull fixed all over so that when it is enabled in the platform everything gets configured properly
  • More Kafka trigger logs.

Full changes:
b15396b Enable Sarama logs (#984)
ad4dfe9 Allow setting external IP in nuctl invoke (#987)
ec116d6 Fix controller annotations (#986)
153734b Platform configuration added to controller / dashboard (#985)
4305843 Fix prometheus pull + platform support in helm (#982)
1b84a36 (origin/master, origin/HEAD) bump resources to 0.5.12