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If you like SVG, Animation, Canvas, Interaction, WebGL, Three.js, Shader, GLSL, P5.js and Creative Code

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CodePen Coder Tags
Adam Argyle CSS, Animation
Adam Kuhn SVG, CSS, Animation
Adir Slutzki CSS, SVG, Animation
Agathe Cocco SVG, CSS, Animation, GSAP
Alex McNerney Canvas, Particles, Generative
Alexandre Rivaux WebGL, GLSL, Animation, Generative
al-ro Shaders, GLSL, Three.js, Particles
Alvaro Montoro CSS, Game, Animation
Amelia Bellamy-Royds SVG, CSS, Animation
Ana Tudor Animation, Canvas, Sass, Javascript
AndyMan Canvas, Generative, Creative Code, GSAP
Anthony Dugois SVG, Three.js, Animation, Javascript
Bali Balo Canvas, Animation, CSS, Javascript
Ben Evans CSS
Blake Bowen Animation, SVG, GSAP, GreenSock, Canvas, Javascript
Cami Williams CSS
Cassie Evans CSS, Animation, GSAP, SVG
Cassidy Williams CSS, Animation
Chris Coyier SVG, CSS, Animation, Javascript
Chris Gannon SVG, Animation, GSAP
Chris Johnson SVG, Animation, Shader, WebGL, GLSL, Javascript
Christina Gorton SVG, Animation, GSAP, CSS
Christopher Wallis Animation, SVG, Javascript
CJ Gammon SVG, Canvas, Animation, Three.js
Dan Wilson Animation, CSS, WAAPI
Daniel Canvas, SVG, Particles
Daniel Del Core Three.js, 3D, WebGL
Dave Whyte P5.js, Animation, Canvas, Javascript
David DeSandro Animation, Canvas, Game
David Khourshid Animation, CSS
Diaco ML Animation, GSAP, SVG, Canvas, Javascript
Dion Snoeijen Canvas, Javascript, Creative Code, Generative
DPDK WebGL, Three.js, Animation, GSAP
Drew Dahlman Canvas, P5.js
Dudley Storey SVG, CSS, Animation, Javascript
Eli Fitch Animation, Three.js, WebGL, Canvas
Elior Tabeka SASS, Animation, Javascript, Games, Components
Elliot Geno SVG, GreenSock, GSAP, Animation
Eva Santos Animation, CSS, SVG, Javascript
Fabio Ottaviani Animation, SVG, Three.js
Gabi Canvas, Animation, SVG, CSS, Javascript
Gerard Ferrandez Canvas, 3D, Physics, Animation
Giana CSS, Animation, Sass, Canvas, Javascript, Particles
Grant Skinner Canvas, Javascript, Particles, 3D, CreateJS
GreenSock GSAP, SVG, Animation, GreenSock, Javascript
Greg Hovanesyan Javascript, Web Audio, Animation, Game, CSS
Hernan Torrisi SVG, Animation, Canvas, GSAP
Himalaya Singh CSS, Animation
Hornebom Animation, CSS, SVG, Three.js
ilithya CSS, Animation, 3D, Javascript, Shaders
Issey SVG, Animation, GreenSock, GSAP
Jack Rugile Canvas, Animation, CSS, Particles, Javascript
Jackson A. Joseph 3D, Three.js, Particles, Animation, CreativeCode
Jake Albaugh CSS, Web Audio
Jamie Coulter CSS, Game, Animation
Jatin Rao CSS, Javascript, Animation
Jerome Herr Canvas, Animation, P5js, Particles, Processing, Generative
Jhey Tompkins Animation, CSS, GreenSock, SVG
Johan Karlsson P5.js, Fractal, Canvas, Animation, WebAudio
Joni Trythall Animation, SVG, Sass
Joseph Rex Animation, GSAP, SVG, CSS
Judith Neumann Animation, CSS
Julia Muzafarova Animation, CSS
Julian Garnier Animation, SVG, CSS, 3D, Javascript
Justin Windle Animation, Canvas, Particles, Physics, Javascript, WebGL
K-T Animation, Canvas, Particles, Javascript
Karim Maaloul Animation, WebGL, Three.js, 3D, Particles, GSAP
Kenji Saito Animation, Canvas, WebGL, Three.js, Particle, Shader
Kevin LEVRON WebGL, Three.js, SVG
Kyle Brumm Animation, CSS, Javascript
Lea Rosema WebGL, GLSL, SVG, Canvas, CSS
LegoMushroom Animation, Javascript, SVG, Canvas
Liam Brummitt Animation, Canvas, Physics
Liam Egan GLSL, Shaders, Javascript, Generative, CreativeCode, Animation
Lisi Animation, SVG, GSAP, CSS
Louis Hoebregts Canvas, Three.js, Particles, Shader, GSAP, Animation
Lucas Bebber CSS, Animation, SVG
Mandy Michael CSS, Effects, Animation
Marco Dell´Anna Animation, Particles, GreenSock
Mariusz Dabrowski Animation, SVG, Canvas, Physics, P5.js, GSAP
Massimo Canvas, CSS, SVG
masuwa PostProcessing, Three.js, GLSL, Canvas, Shader
Mattia Astorino CSS, Animation, Creative Code
Michael Gehrmann CSS, SVG, Animation
Mike Schultz Animation, SVG, CSS
Mustafa Enes CSS, Animation, CSS
Nat Cooper SVG, Animation, CSS, GSAP
Noel Delgado Animation, Canvas, CSS, SVG
Not Important Animation, Canvas, Three.js, Javascript
Olivia Animation, CSS, Javascript
Paul J Karlik Animation, WebGL, GLSL, Canvas, Shader, Three.js
Peter Barr Animation, SVG, GSAP, CSS, GreenSock
Petr Tichy CSS, Animation, GreenSock, SVG, GSAP, Canvas
Ricardo Oliva Alonso CSS, Animation
Rachel Bull CSS, Animation
Rachel Nabors Animation, CSS, SVG, WAAPI
Rachel Smith Animation, Canvas, SVG, Particles, WebGL
Riley J Shaw Animation, Canvas, CSS, Javascript
Rob DiMarzo Animation, Canvas, CSS, Javascript, GSAP
Ryan Thavi Generative, Canvas, Animation, Javascript
Sasha Tran CSS, SVG, Animation
Sara Soueidan SVG, CSS, Animation
Sarah Drasner Animation, SVG, Javascript, GreenSock, GSAP, Canvas
Sarah Fossheim CSS, Animation
Sebastian DeRossi Create.JS, Easel.JS, Canvas, Animation, Javascript
Stívali Serna 3D, Three.js, Animation, CSS
Scott R McGann Animation, Canvas, 3D, Particles, Javascript
Shaw Animation, CSS, SVG, Javascript, Canvas, Three.js
Stefan Weck Canvas, Animation, WebGL, Shader
Sullivan Nolan Animation, CSS, SVG, WebGL
Szenia Zadvornykh Canvas, Three.js, WebGL, Shader
Takashi P5.js, Canvas, Particles
Tee Diang CSS, Animaiton
Tibix Animation, Canvas, CSS, Particles
Tim Holman Canvas, Animation, Interactive, Generative, JS
Thepheer Canvas, Particles, 3D, WebGL, Shader
Thibaut Canvas, Particles, Three.js, Animation
Tiffany Rayside Animation, Canvas, Particles, SVG, CSS
Toshiya Marukubo Animation, Canvas, Javascript, Particles
Val Head Animation, CSS, SVG, P5.js, GreenSock
Varun Vachhar Animation, CSS, SVG, P5.js, GreenSock, GSAP
Victor Vergara 3D, Three.js, Shader, Animation
Yoksel Animation, CSS, SVG
Yuán Chuān SVG, CSS, Animation, GreenSock, Javascript
Yugam Dhuriya Animation, CSS, SVG, Canvas, P5.js
Yusuke Nakaya Animation, CSS
Zach Saucier Animation, CSS, SVG
Zed Dash Animation, CSS, Javascript


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  2. Run node generate.js to generate file
  3. Open a Pull Request 👍

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