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  1. nucypher nucypher Public

    Threshold Access Control (TACo) runtimes for the Threshold Network

    Python 687 272

  2. taco-web taco-web Public

    🌮 A TypeScript client for TACo (Threshold Access Control)

    TypeScript 14 17

  3. nucypher-contracts nucypher-contracts Public

    Ethereum contracts supporting TACo applications on the Threshold Network.

    Python 15 9

  4. nucypher-core nucypher-core Public

    Core structures for Nucypher network in Rust

    Rust 6 10

  5. ferveo ferveo Public

    Forked from anoma/ferveo

    An implementation of a DKG protocol forked from Anoma

    Rust 4 8

  6. rust-umbral rust-umbral Public

    Umbral implementation in Rust

    Rust 49 20


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