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Guidelines for the hackathon
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NuCypher Hackathon Guidelines

CoinList Build

Hi NuCypherinos,

Welcome to the NuCypher + CoinList Build hackathon! Checkout out the welcome post and hackathon guidelines here.


Proxy Re-encryption

  • NuCypher Network - the proxy re-encryption network itself
  • pyUmbral - Python reference implementation of Umbral, our threshold proxy re-encryption scheme
  • Presentation Slides explaining proxy re-encryption and NuCypher
  • Whitepaper - A proxy re-encryption network to empower privacy in decentralized systems
  • Umbral Specification - if you want to look at the math behind Umbral

Fully Homomorphic Encryption

  • NuFHE - a GPU-accelerated fully homomorphic encryption library
  • Sputnik - an assembly language and interpreter built using NuFHE to execute the first-ever fully homomorphic smart contract

Community Links

  • Website
  • Discord - our main development channel; feel free to jump in with technical questions for our team



Check out our development guide to start buidling with NuCypher.

Connecting to a Fleet

Running a Local Network

Simulate the NuCypher network locally by running a local development fleet.

Connecting to the DevNet

Alternatively, instead of running a local nucypher development fleet of Ursulas, you can connect your node to our dedicated hackathon devnet.

See the network status here:

(nucypher) $ nucypher ursula init --federated-only
(nucypher) $ nucypher ursula run --network devnet --teacher-uri

For more detailed information see our official documentation

Sample Demos

Sample demo applications are available:


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