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NuCypher network intelligence crawler and web dashboard
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NuCypher Monitor

The NuCypher Monitor collects data about the NuCypher Network via the Crawler and displays this information in a UI via the Dashboard.


$ pip install -e . -r requirements.txt
Install additional development packages
$ pip install -e . -r dev-requirements.txt

Minimum Requirements

  • Installation of InfluxDB

    The Monitor Crawler stores network blockchain information in an InfluxDB time-series instance. The default connection is made to a local instance.

  • Installation of Geth Ethereum Node

    The Monitor needs a Web3 node provider to obtain blockchain data.


$ nucypher-monitor --help
Usage: nucypher-monitor [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  --nucypher-version  Echo the nucypher version
  --help              Show this message and exit.

  crawl      Gather NuCypher network information.
  dashboard  Run UI dashboard of NuCypher network.

Running the Monitor

via CLI

  1. Run InfluxDB
$ sudo influxd
  1. Run Geth node as a Web3 node provider (or use Infura)
$ geth --goerli --nousb
  1. Run the Crawler
$ nucypher-monitor crawl --provider <YOUR_WEB3_PROVIDER_URI>
  1. Run the Dashboard
$ nucypher-monitor dashboard --provider <YOUR WEB3 PROVIDER URI>
  1. The Dashboard UI is available at

via Docker Compose

Docker Compose will start InfluxDB, Crawler, and Dashboard containers, and no installation of the monitor is required.

  1. Set Web3 Provider URI environment variable

    NOTE: local ipc is not supported when running via Docker

  1. Run Docker Compose
docker-compose -f deploy/docker-compose.yml up
  1. The Dashboard UI is available on port 12500.
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