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This demo requires connecting to a running network. By default the demo is hardcoded to connect to the :doc:`local demo fleet </demos/local_fleet_demo>`.

This demo is an example of a NuCypher decentralized network allowing Alice to share data with Bob using proxy re-encryption. This enables the private sharing of data across public consensus networks, without revealing data keys to intermediary entities.

Step Character Operation
1 Alice Alice sets a Policy on the NuCypher network (2-of-3) and grants access to Bob
2 Alice Label and Alice's key public key provided to Bob
3 Bob Bob joins the policy with Label and Alice's public key
4 Enrico A data source created for the policy
5 Enrico Each plaintext message gets encrypted by Enrico, which results in a messageKit
6 Bob Bob receives and reconstructs Enrico from the Policy's public key and Enrico's public key
7 Bob Bob retrieves the original message from Enrico and MessageKit

Install NuCypher

Acquire the nucypher application code and install the dependencies. For a full installation guide see the :doc:`/guides/installation_guide`.

Download the Book Text

For your convenience we have provided a bash script to acquire the "Finnegan's Wake" text. However, feel free to use any text of your choice, as long you you edit the demo code accordingly.

To run the script:

(nucypher)$ ./

Run the Demo

After acquiring a text file to re-encrypt, execute the demo by running:
(nucypher)$ python3
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