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Local Development Fleet Testing



Currently only "Federated Only" mode is supported for local fleets

All Demo Ursulas:
  • Run on localhost
  • In --federated-only mode
  • On the TEMPORARY_DOMAIN (implied by --dev)
  • Using temporary resources (files, database, etc.)

Running A Local Fleet

  1. Install NuCypher

Acquire the NuCypher application code and install the dependencies. For a full installation guide see the :doc:`/guides/installation_guide`.

  1. Run a Lonely Ursula

The first step is to launch the first Ursula on the network by running:

$ cd scripts/local_fleet
$ python
This will start an Ursula node:
  • With seednode discovery disabled
  • On port 11500
  1. Run a Local Fleet of Ursulas

Next, launch subsequent Ursulas in another terminal, informing them of the first Ursula:

$ python
This will run 5 temporary Ursulas that:
  • All specify the lonely Ursula as a teacher
  • Run on ports 11501 through 11506
  1. Run an Entry-Point Ursula (Optional)

While the local fleet is running, you may want an entry-point to introspect the code in a debugger. For this we provide the optional script for your convenience.

$ python

This will run a single temporary Ursula:

  • That specifies a random fleet node as a teacher
  • On a random available port

Connecting to the Local Fleet

Alternately, you can connect any node run from the CLI by specifying one of the nodes in the local fleet as a teacher, the same network domain, and the same operating mode. By default, nodes started with the --dev flag run on a dedicated domain (TEMPORARY_DOMAIN) and on a different port than the production default port (9151). Local fleet Ursulas range from ports 11500 to 11506 by default.

Here is an example of connecting to a node in the local development fleet:

nucypher ursula run --dev --teacher localhost:11501


The local development fleet is an example meant to demonstrate how to design and use your own local fleet.

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