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Bootstrap starter for React 15 projects with hot reloading and SASS styles. Built with Webpack 2 beta. Components are intended for mocks and are generally not functional.

  • React
    • React Router
    • Autobind Decorator
    • React Mixin
    • React Catalyst
  • JavaScript
    • Babel: Stage-0, Es2015 loose, React
    • ESLint
    • Modernizer
  • CSS
    • Normalize.css from
    • SASS indented
    • PostCSS: autoprefixer

Static assets for the front end are front/www/* and all app development files are located in front/app/*. On build, the front/www/js/app directory is cleaned and new code is bundled there.

JS Entry point is front/app/index.js SASS is front/app/index.sass

1. Docker

I'm experimenting with a Docker based workflow. Current setup is based on these posts

  • The Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml files are for running the compiled app as standalone.
  • For front end development docker-compose -f docker-compose-dev.yml up and open a browser to http://localhost:3000
  • To build the front end for prod docker-compose -f docker-compose-build.yml up

The node_modules folder contents will be installed to a dir inside the image so that it doesn't take up space on the host.

2. Build options

npm run dev to start the webpack-dev-server with hot reloading at localhost:3000. Will also open the default browser to the site. npm run build:prod to clean and create a production build of the app npm run dev:server will start an Nodemon/Express web server at localhost:8080 for developing server code npm start will start an Express web server at localhost:8080


  • When the application start, it will try to load ./front/www/config.json for special configuration options for the running app. If there is a problem, a warning will appear in the log and the app will try to run normally.
  • Webpack-dev-server runs with --history-api-fallback to enabled React-Router routes to work for an SPA.


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