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A collection a various recipes explaining how to achieve various tasks with Rivr

  1. Introduction

    1. Sample Applications
      1. Hello World
      2. Hello World 2
  2. Dialogue basics

    1. Messages
      1. Playing a speech synthesis message
      2. Playing an audio file
      3. Playing an audio file with alternate synthesis text
      4. Playing SSML content
      5. Playing mutiple audio items
      6. Playing a pause
      7. Specifying message language
      8. Queuing a prompt with barge-in for the next interaction
    2. Interactions
      1. Collecting DTMF
      2. Collecting DTMF with interruptible message
      3. Using a DTMF grammar
      4. Using a DTMF grammar with semantic tags
      5. DTMF recognition options
      6. Interruptible message
      7. Performing speech-recognition
      8. Speech recognition options
      9. Recording
      10. Recording with playback
    3. Call transfers
      1. Blind Transfer
      2. Consultation transfer
    4. Subdialogues
      1. Invoking a subdialogue
      2. Invoking a subdialogue and passing HTTP parameters
      3. Invoking a subdialogue and passing VoiceXML parameters
      4. Implementing a subdialogue
      5. Reading subdialogue VoiceXML parameters
  3. Using vendor-specific VoiceXML platform extensions

    1. Genesys Voice Platform 8 (GVP 8)
      1. Obtaining UUID
      2. Obtaining GVP session ID
      3. Reading user data
  4. Integration

    1. JUnit
      1. Simple dialogue tests
    2. Server-side integration
      1. Spring framework integration
  5. Other recipes

    1. Extending Rivr
      1. Customizing an OutputTurn with VoiceXmlDocumentAdapter
      2. Adding a custom log turn
    2. Getting information from HTTP
      1. Extracting HTTP parameters
    3. Getting information from the platform
      1. Getting CLID and DNIS

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