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🎾 A table lamp that's connected to a game of pong
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Stacks + Pong


Recently, I designed a decorative table lamp for LEDbits, to sort of show what their product can do, which is a modular light system. The system is cool because it produces as much light as a normal lightbulb, but allows daisy chaining, has a magnetic system to swap lenses and, best of all, has support for PWM

Which means... time to break out the Arduino and HACK SOME TABLE LAMPS

Pro hacker

Yeah, that sounded way cooler in my head

So what is this thing really

This thing here is multiple things at once. It's a server that connects to Arduino. It's also a static web server (thanks Express) that serves a browser version of Pong. Lastly, it's a server that ties both together. The table lamp has two lights. The game has two paddles. When the ball hits a paddle, the corresponding light glows briefly

Nice how do I use this

If you don't have a LEDbit, which you don't because the product is launching later this year, you can use normal LED lights. Not as cool, but still nice to check out. Here's a shopping list:

  • Arduino (Uno or whatever) with USB cable
  • Two LEDs or something that accepts PWM input
  • Jumper cables or something that connects the thingies to pin 6 and pin 9
  • Node.js installed on your computer

Then do this:

  1. Put StandardFirmata on the Arduino. Follow these instructions.
  2. You need the path to your Arduino device. Look at the status bar in the Arduino IDE.
  3. Open index.js and paste the path in there.
  4. npm install && npm start
  5. Go here: http://localhost:4000

I have a question / this is super nice / dumb

Open an issue. Or tweet @accommodavid

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