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πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Put yourself on a watchlist by generating tons of dubious Google searches
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Dragnet surveillance and other ridiculous bullshit are making it possible for governments and corporations to retrieve anyone's browsing history. This script generates some noise in that data pool by performing a shitload of dubious Google searches, like "how to make a bomb". Leave it running for a while, pollute the browsing history of your IP address. If there's enough noise, your legitimate searches are obscured and your data profile will not be reliable anymore!

Running the script

You need Python on your system. Then go to the directory where you downloaded the script and type python in a Terminal or Command Prompt.

Docker support

Want to pollute your data profile on a Larger Scale? For some reason this script has Docker support. (Thanks @johanot!) Build the container: docker build -t put-me-on-a-watchlist . Run it: docker run -t --rm put-me-on-a-watchlist

Want to test first so you still have time to arrange an escape plan for when the cops show up? You can do a dry-run without network: docker run -t --rm --net none put-me-on-a-watchlist

Can I talk to you about this script?

Sure, tweet @neufv_txt.

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