JavaScript prototoype for a simple raster band additon using a SciDB backend
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OpenEO SciDB Backend

Simple demonstrative webservice for adding two bands of Sentinel-2 data using SciDB EO.


The only implemented process was tested with one Sentinel-2 scene that was loaded into SciDB using scidb4gdal and must be available under the name S2A_1.

The process is executed on SciDB using shim with digest authentication.

The resulting array is downloaded via GDAL using scidb4gdal.

Try it out

This service requires a running instance of SciDB

First, load a test image into SciDB and install scidb4gdal on your machine, see test/ Then configure your SciDB user in a file config.js (see config-sample.js).

Now run the service:

npm install
npm start

Alternatively, you can build an run the service using Docker:

docker build -t openeo-scidb .
docker run -it -p 3000:3000 openeo-scidb

Then, run the tests agains the services

curl http://localhost:3000/status

npm test

The basic requests of the API are

  • GET [not implemented yet!]: Returns a list of the available datasets
  • GET [not implemented yet!]: Get red band of the product.
  • GET Returns a list of available processes

To execution an addition of two bands, use

Content-Type: application/json

    "band1": "/data/S2A_1/red",
    "output": "/data/user/foo"

The result is a georeferenced GeoTIFF.