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@echo Compiling zod executable
@sed "s#ZODLIB_PATH#${AWKLIB}#g" < bin/zod.template > bin/zod
@chmod 755 bin/zod
@echo Compiled
install: all
@echo Installing zod executables to ${PREFIX}/bin
@mkdir -p ${PREFIX}/bin
@cp bin/zod ${PREFIX}/bin
@cp bin/zod-render ${PREFIX}/bin
@cp bin/zod-copy ${PREFIX}/bin
@cp bin/zod-internal ${PREFIX}/bin
@echo Installing awk lib files to ${AWKLIB}
@mkdir -p ${AWKLIB}
@cp lib/render.awk ${AWKLIB}
@cp lib/markdown.awk ${AWKLIB}
@cp lib/config.awk ${AWKLIB}
@cp lib/find_cmd.awk ${AWKLIB}
@echo Installation Complete
@echo Uninstalling zod executables
@rm ${PREFIX}/bin/zod
@rm ${PREFIX}/bin/zod-render
@rm ${PREFIX}/bin/zod-copy
@rm ${PREFIX}/bin/zod-internal
@echo Uninstalling awk lib files
@rm -rf ${AWKLIB}
@echo Uninstallation Complete
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