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CreateSend API Wrapper

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npm install createsend-node


via API Key

var createsend = require('createsend-node');
var auth = { apiKey: 'your api key' };
var api = new createsend(auth);

via AccessToken (Oauth)

var createsend = require('createsend-node');
var auth = { accessToken: 'your access token' };
var api = new createsend(auth);

Basic classes

I've wrapped just about every request in some type of class to make life a lot easier when dealing with request from the Campaign Monitor API. Here are the classes that exist in createsend-node.


    clientId: "This will be the Id from Campaign Monitor",
    name: "The name of the client",

    addPerson: function (details, callback) {
        "details" is simply the data that Campaign Monitor is looking for according to

        details: {
            "EmailAddress": "",
            "Name": "Sally Sparrow",
            "AccessLevel": 23,
            "Password": "opensesame"

        callback: function (err, person) {
            "person" is a single Person object
    createList: function (details, callback) { },
    delete: function (callback) { },
    deletePerson: function (callback) { },
    getDetails: function (callback) { },
    getDraftCampaigns: function (callback) { },
    getLists: function (callback) { },
    getPeople: function (callback) { },
    getPersonDetails: function (emailAddress, callback) { },
    getPrimaryContact: function (callback) { },
    getListsForEmail: function (emailAddress, callback) { },
    getScheduledCampaigns: function (callback) { },
    getSegments: function (callback) { },
    getSentCampaigns: function (callback) { },
    getSuppressionList: function (filter, callback) { },
    getTemplates: function (callback) { },
    setDetails: function (details, callback) { },
    setMonthlyBilling: function (billingDetails, callback) { },
    setPaygBilling: function (billingDetails, callback) { },
    setPrimaryContact: function (emailAddress, callback) { },
    suppress: function (emailAddress, callback) { },
    transferCredits: function (details, callback) { },
    updatePerson: function (emailAddress, details, callback) { },
    unsuppress: function (emailAddress, callback) { }

Account based actions

Get the list of clients.

  function (err, clientList) {


Transaction based actions

Send a transactional email

var details = {
  smartEmailID: "string", // The ID of the transactional email
  To: "string",           // The email address to send it to
  Data: data              // Any data fields required for the email

// Send the smart email(and provide a callback function that takes an error and a response parameter)
api.transactional.sendSmartEmail(details, (err, res) => {
  if (err)  console.log(err);

Subscribers based actions

Add a subscriber to a list

var listId = 'kajsbndkasjbkanf123j13nj21k3n2' // The ID of the list
var details = {
  EmailAddress: '',
  Name: `John Smith`,
  CustomFields: [
    { Key: 'CustomKey', Value: 'Some Value' }

api.subscribers.addSubscriber(listId, details, (err, res) => {
  if (err) console.log(err);

Side Note: To get the ID of the list, in CM, go to Lists & Subscribers, choose the list you want and click on change name/type.

Campaigns Actions

Create a campaign draft from a template

var details = {
    "Name": "campaign_name",    // name of the campaign
    "Subject": "subject",       // subject of the campaign
    "FromName": "string",       // "from" name
    "FromEmail": "string",      // "from" email address
    "ReplyTo": "string",        // "reply to" email address
    "ListIDs": ["string","string"], // array of lists to send the campaign to
    "TemplateID": "string",     // id of the template
    "TemplateContent": {        // only an example, follow the instructions at to match your template
        "Multilines": [{
            "Content": "string"
        "Singlelines": [{
            "Content": "string"

api.campaigns.createFromTemplate(details, (err, res) => {
  if (err)  console.log(err);

Send a Draft Campaign

var details = {
    "ConfirmationEmail": "string",    // single email address or array (max 5) of addresses that will receive the confirmation of the campaign being sent correctly
    "SendDate": "string"              // when to send the campaign. It can be "Immediately" or a date in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM format

api.campaigns.sendDraft(details, (err, res) => {
  if (err)  console.log(err);