World of Warcraft addon to check the range on demonic circle.
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--- INSTALL ---
Just place the addon into your World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns directory
and that's about it.

If you downloaded from github, rename the folder to "nDemonic".  Default
will look something like, "nuggs-nDemonic-f34fe79".

--- SETUP ---
Easy peasy.  Use /ndemonic
Options are lock and unlock.  That's it.  :D

To enable TukUI support, you must have TukUI installed, if so,
it will be automatically detected and enabled upon installation.
If you want to go back to the old style you can use:
/ndemonic tukui

this will disable tukui support AFTER you /reload your user interface.

Currently, you can't move the mod while tukui is installed, it only works
with tukui support disabled.  I plan to fix this in a later installment.

Still my first AddOn and still learning Lua so I'm always open to suggestions.
I'm trying to keep this as light weight as possible. 

If you don't like my coding style, oh well.  I've developed my own style and
I've used it for over ten years.  It's not changing now.  :)

The following people I've at least looked at their code and how they did things.  

Tukz -
Nightcracker - not sure
Kjado - not sure