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This is my new portfolio website!
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My Portfolio Website

Inspired by Sean Halpin (

Tools Used

This project was made using react, more specifically the react-create-app module.


npm init react-app my-app

cd my app

yarn start


This is currently deployed on heroku at It's a bit slow to start up the server (sleeping dynos as it's a free server), but once it does start, it should function like a standard react application; which means it should run really fast since all the pages are loaded at once. Just a single handshake with the server, so you won't be reloading pages and communicating with the server every time you navigate to another page. This is something I love about react.


I will be moving this to a permanent domain as soon as development is done (development never actually ends, but once I put up the rest of my work, I will be moving the website to my private domain -

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