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Computational Intelligence Research Group (CIRG)

We are the Computational Intelligence Research Group at the National University of Ireland Galway, and this is the source code of our website. It is powered by Jekyll and based on the clean and nice al-folio theme.

What is Jekyll? It is just a static site generator. Want to know more? watch this video.

Why Jekyll? Read this blog post!

Getting started

This repository has two branches, master and src. As it is hosted on GitHub, the compiled (automatically generated) stuff is placed in the master branch. Thus, if you're going to update anything here, you should NEVER touch the master branch.


Assuming you have Ruby and Bundler installed on your system, first fork the theme from to<your-username>/<your-repo-name> and do the following:

$ git clone<your-username>/<your-repo-name>.git
$ cd <your-repo-name>
$ git checkout src
$ bundle install
$ bundle exec jekyll serve

Now, feel free to make changes.

Updating page content

❗️ need help? want us to update something? just open an issue describing what you want to add/update and someone will do that for you asap. If you want to update anything yourself, do it! see instructions below.

Assuming you are in the src branch (git checkout src), the content of each page is in the _pages/ directory. However, if you want to update the list of members or research projects, you'll have to look at the _data/ and the _research directories respectively (more information below).

Updating the list of members

To add a new member, just go to _data/member.yml and the paste the lines below in the end of the file.

your-surname-x:                 // make sure it's a unique id in the whole file
  name: John Doe                // mandatory
  email:                // optional
  orcid: 0000-0000-0000-0000    // optional
  gscholar: wuLwX_4AAAAJ        // optional
  dblp: 123/1234                // optional
  github: johndoe               // optional
  linkedin: johndoe             // optional
  twitter: johndoe              // optional
  website:      // optional

Now, just commit your changes and create a pull request.

Updating the list of publications

The list of publications is automatically synchronized with DBLP. However, if you think something is wrong or missing, just add it to _bibliography/custom_entries.bib in BibTeX format.

  • Note: if the publication is already listed in the final auto-generated file _bibliography/autogen_all.bib, to avoid duplicates, make sure you use the same id at _bibliography/custom_entries.bib.

  • Note: you should not touch any of the autogen_ files.

  • Note: to provide a pdf for a publication, check out the data repository.

Now, just commit your changes and create a pull request.

Updating the research page

All research projects listed on the research page come from the _research directory. Thus, to edit something, just find the corresponding md file and make your changes. If you want to add a new research page, just duplicate any of the existing files and edit the content of it.

Now, just commit your changes and create a pull request.

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