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  1. ccv2 ccv2 Public

    CCV 2.0 - Modular computer vision framework for natural user interfaces

    C++ 89 35

  2. ccv15 ccv15 Public

    Community Core Vision 1.5

    C 43 26

  3. ccv-tbeta ccv-tbeta Public

    First beta of CCV (computer vision software) cross platform solution.

    C 9 3

  4. ccv-hand ccv-hand Public

    Tracking fingers, hands and arms using a novel blob grouping algorithm.

    C 6 4

  5. gpu-blob-tracking gpu-blob-tracking Public

    Implementing video processing for blob tracking on the GPU.

    C 3 1

  6. grafiti grafiti Public

    A general purpose infrastructure for multitouch gesture recognition management.

    C# 3 1


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