Open source, multi-touch based application for teaching of basic concepts of Physics.
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The main goal of this project is to create a multi‐touch sensitive application for two‐dimensional graphic visualizations of a few basic concepts of physics (esp. mechanics). It is meant to be used by primary school pupils as a simple educational entertainment tool making them familiar with physics and allowing for certain extent of creativity. Young users can actively participate in the learning process by designing and testing their own simulations in a visually catchy cartoon‐style environment. Therefore the program will fulfill the idea of "learning by playing" and hopefully promote interest in science and technology among children.

Check here for more info:

Libraries/Usage Info

Multitouch Physics uses:

  1. Box2DFlashAS3_2.0.1 - which is a Flash ActionScript 3.0 port of Erin Catto's 2D Physics library Box2D - taken from:

  2. Flosc - which is an open source communication gateway transforming all TUIO standarized UDP communication from e.g. Touchlib - taken from:

  3. Touchlib - which is a video-analysis software library for reading the touch coordinates on multitouch displays - taken from:

  4. Tweener (caurina) - for menu visual effects - taken from:

Everything was tested on TUIO Simulator - taken from: