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//Google Summer of Code 2009 project//
Mentor: Pawel Solyga
Co-mentor: Taha Bintahir
Student Dev: Anirudh Sharma
Community: Natural User Interface group

-The extension upon completion will allow Multitouch interactions into the SketchUp UI. 
Users having access to TUIO based multitouch hardwarewould be able to interact/ Draw stuff 
into Google SketchUp using gestures.

There are be two prime features being implemented-
- Camera Movements (Panning/Orbit/Zoom) using Multitouch two finger gesture
- Drawing using an IR Pen /WiiMote. 
Take a Survey at 
Current Status: All the camera motion gestures( Zoom in/out, panning, orbitting) implemented.

- The Stack size of Console makes GoogleSU crash on receiving the TUIO messages, 
so we'll use an builtin window using a DLL that displays and logs the receives messages
- The orbit is sometimes misinterpreted as zoom

CURRENT STATUS            //Tasks Completed
- Camera Gestures working (final eval)
-DLL loading within Sketchup
-TUIO connection done
-TUIO logging done
-UI, IconSet loading from toolbar

REAMINING TASK               //To be done by END of August, - priority 1: Currently trying Ruby API camera methods, -DONE (on 11th July)
							  priority 2: try the Mouse emulation
- Gestures mapping(Pan, Zoom, Orbit) -> Hard--> DONE
- Mapping each Iconset to Multitouch Methods -> Easy -> TBD after mode switching works

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