Example job submission and application scripts for Northwestern's Quest computing cluster
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Example Quest Jobs

This repository contains example job submission and application scripts for use on Quest. We are still adding additional examples and languages/applications to it, so if there are examples you'd find useful, please let us know.

In all cases, you need to update the information in the scripts as appropriate to your allocation, the computing resources you need, and your files/directories.

See Quest Documentation for more information. This repository is a supplement to that documentation.


In the examples, items in <> are things you need to fill in with appropriate values. Don't include the <> when you substitute a value.

In the example job submission files (.sh file extensions), there are commented lines at the end of the script giving an example of how to submit this job on Quest. These msub commands should be run from the command line. They are not part of the job submission script (so they should remain commented out).

Download this repository

To copy this repository onto Quest, use the following command while in the directory you want to put these files:

git clone https://github.com/nuitrcs/examplejobs.git

That will create a directory called examplejobs with all of the content from this repository.

To download files to your computer, use the Green button above to download all files as a .zip file, or view and download individual files. Make sure to save the RAW version of files when downloading (use the Raw button on any individual file page), not the file preview page with extra GitHub headers and menus around it.

Errors, More Help

Find an error or bug in the examples? Please let us know: quest-help@northwestern.edu.

Northwestern researchers can contact quest-help@northwestern.edu for further assistance.