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RCS Git and GitHub workshop materials
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Git Workshop

Materials for git workshops taught by Northwestern IT Research Computing Services.


If you do not already have Git installed, you can download an installer at


Software Carpentry: Git and GitHub: workshop materials, and videos of instructors (not from Northwestern) giving the workshop: video 1 and video 2

Try Git interactive tutorial, suitable for complete beginners

Git-it: an application that teaches you git, also good for beginners

Git Cheat Sheet from Atlassian, a list of common git commands

Pro Git: the official tutorial in book form, available online; not the place for a beginner to start, but good for reference

Excuse me, do you have a moment to talk about version control? by Jennifer Byran discusses why you might want to use git

Oh, sh**, git!: a guide to help you when something's gone wrong

GitCasts: screencast videos of git operations, from an author of the Pro Git book

A Visual Git Reference diagrams common git terms and operations

Sourcetree is a cross-platform GUI for Git that works with GitHub and Bitbucket.

Git and R

Happy Git with R: from UBC Stat 545 and Jenny Bryan's team; includes both an introduction to git relevant to anyone, and information on using git from RStudio

Github Quickstart for Scientists: aims just at teaching the workflow that many scientists use, and shows you how to do it in R

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