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Python: Pandas Workshop Materials
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Example Project - Baby Names.ipynb
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Research Computing Services Python: Pandas workshop materials.

Downloading Files

Recommended: Entire directory

You can download all of the files by clicking the green button above and choosing "Download ZIP."

Individual Files

If you download files from the links above, you have to click through to the RAW version of the notebook and download that. If you download directly from the links above, the files won't open because they are web pages, not the raw files.

If unable to download

A second version of this course has been optimized to run within your browser using Google's Colab Environment. That version of this course can be found at:


Github user guipsamora has created a repository of pandas exercises for various skill levels, starting from the very basics:

Pandas Exercises

Start with the first set of exercises and once you have completed those, pick a set that interests you.

These exercises were forked from If you see issues with the solutions or think something is wrong or could be improved, please let us know so we can improve them for the next workshop. We've revised the Chipotle exercises, but there are lots of exercises there that we haven't reviewed yet in detail.


See Resources for a listing of general Python resources, tutorials, and reference materials. Links below relate specifically to material covered in this workshop.

Learn Pandas: learn pandas in 11 lessons through notebooks.

Pandas Cheat Sheet in the style of R cheat sheets - the handout from the workshop.

Pandas "Cheat Sheet" in longer form: collection of short code snippets for common tasks

Pandas videos: videos on how to do common tasks in pandas

Modern Pandas: once you know the basics, here are tips for getting the most out of pandas

101 Pandas Exercises

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