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Fundamental Programming Concepts Workshop from Research Computing Services
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Programming Concepts

Workshop Goals:

  • Build familiarity with common terms and concepts
  • Gain understanding of how to give instructions to computers



For Reference


A few links for more learning.


If/else exercise from

Related Topics

Data Organization in Spreadsheets: Best Practices workshop materials based on the excellent article "Data Organization in Spreadsheets," Karl W. Broman and Kara H. Woo, The American Statistician, 2017,

How Computers Work from Khan Academy: not topics we cover here, but a good basis for understanding the underlying systems

Plain Text Editor Options: some suggestions for stand alone plain text editor programs and links to download them. Note that both RStudio and Spyder (for Python) have the ability to edit plain text files. CS Principles includes lesson plans for fundamental computational topics. Written for teachers, not participants, but there may be useful material here for people who need to teach.

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