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Resource List

This list has resources that may be useful across workshops. There may be additional resources listed with each workshop.

Tutorials and Books

Exploratory Computing with Python: notebooks and videos covering common tasks researchers might want to do with Python for exploring data. Intro Python topics are covered alongside data analysis and plotting examples.

UC Boulder Python for Data Analysis: workshop materials from some of our research computing colleagues at UC Boulder. Includes exercises.

A Crash Course in Python for Scientists: just what it says, in a notebook. From Rick Muller at Sandia National Labs.

Python Tutorial: the official Python tutorial. Think of it more as reference material with lots of examples. Particularly useful for those who know other programming languages and want to see how to do something in Python. It teaches Python, not programming.

Python for Biologists: introduction to Python focused on tasks (and using examples) that are relevant to many biologists

Useful and Interesting Notebooks: collection of useful and/or interesting Jupyter notebooks spanning a range of topics


Python Exercises with Solutions: lots of traditional programming exercises with solutions

wtfiswronghere: Practice Python debugging and error fixing.

Reference Materials

Python Basics Cheat Sheet

Chris Albon's Blog: not limited to Python, but does include an extensive set of examples of common Python operations. Also lots of notes on data science and machine learning topics.

Python Standard Library Documentation: what all of the built-in libraries do and how to use them.

Python Language Reference: documentation of core Python syntax.


Jupyter Notebooks

Jupyter notebooks were previously called iPython notebooks as well.

Jupyter Notebook Video Tour: if you like videos, this one give you an overview of how to use Jupyter Notebook

Jupyter Notebook Beginner Guide: a good place to start with witten documentation

Jupyter Notebook Users Manual: users manual in notebook form. Includes an explanation of the buttons in the toolbar.

Jupyter Notebook tips, tricks and shortcuts: covers many of the special features of notebooks

Example Notebooks: A collection of interesting example notebooks

Making Publication Ready Python Notebooks: taking your notebooks to the next level to publish your research

Reproducible Data Analysis in Jupyter: series of videos about gong from personal data exploration to the production of a reproducible analysis file using Jupyter notebooks

Jupyter Notebook Documentation

Markdown Cheat Sheet: useful for formatting your notebooks


PyCharm is an IDE that was used in workshops before. Now, we mostly use Spyder in workshops.

PyCharm Help

Getting Started with PyCharm Videos: see in particular Running Python Code

PyCharm Videos

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