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Noita Enhanced
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nukes_altars fix Mar 6, 2020
nukes_angry_god_bounty updates Mar 5, 2020
nukes_elemental_spells updates Mar 5, 2020
nukes_fancy_jetpack updates Mar 5, 2020
nukes_ice_collision_fix updates Mar 5, 2020
nukes_improved_first_floor_wands updates Mar 5, 2020
nukes_improved_workshop updates Mar 5, 2020
nukes_more_stones updates Mar 5, 2020
nukes_peaceful_shopping updates Mar 5, 2020
nukes_perks fix Mar 25, 2020
nukes_random_starter_wand updates Mar 5, 2020
nukes_simple_iframes updates Mar 5, 2020
nukes_spells update Mar 30, 2020 Update Dec 9, 2019

Noita Enhanced

How to install

  1. Go to Noita's properties tab in Steam and make sure you have it set to use the beta branch.
  2. Your game's install folder will now have a tools_modding folder in it. Open the readme file from that folder and follow its instructions. This step may become obsolete in the future.
  3. Download this repository as a zip file and place the desired mods from it (for example, random_starter_wand) in the mods folder in your game's install directory.
  4. Start the game and open the pause menu. There should be a mods button you can click.
  5. In the mods menu, enable the mods you want to use.

You will have to start a new game after doing all of this in order for the game to register the mods.

Elemental power spells

This mod adds 2 new elemental spells that are just as powerful and dangerous as the lightning spell. Hooray, more exciting ways to kill yourself and ruin a perfectly good run.

  • Magma Blast: A projectile that quickly explodes into a shower of magma.
  • Flash Freeze: A projectile that freezes liquids nearby before exploding and freezing everything caught in the blast.

Nuke's spells

This mod is where i throw all the new spells and modifiers i've made that don't fit any other category.

  • Gravity Well: Your projectiles pull nearby objects and projectiles towards them.
  • Repelling Field: Your projectiles repel nearby objects and projectiles.
  • Petrify: A terrifying spell that turns almost everything nearby to stone.
  • Chaotic Trail: Projectiles leave a trail of random materials.
  • Chaotic Cloud: A strange cloud that rains random liquids.
  • Dynamite Bundle: A bomb that explodes and scatters several sticks of dynamite.

Nuke's perks

This mod adds more perks to the game.

  • Upgraded Wands: Wands become more powerful in your hands.
  • Pheromone Blood: You bleed pheromones and gain 40% melee damage resistance.
  • Berserker Blood: You bleed a lot of berserkium and gain 40% slice damage resistance.
  • Tremor Step: The earth crumbles beneath your feet.
  • Ironskin: You gain 20% physical damage reduction but become vulnerable to electricity.
  • Barkskin: You gain 20% physical damage reduction but become vulnerable to fire.
  • Acid Transmutation: You convert nearby acid to oil.
  • Lava Transmutation: You convert nearby lava to alcohol.
  • Alchemical Transmutation: You purify nearby toxins and convert harmful magical liquids to safer magical liquids.
  • Repelling Field: An invisible field pushes objects and projectiles away from you.
  • Burning Afterimage: You leave a trail of magical flames wherever you go.
  • Freezing Afterimage: You leave a trail of freezing magic wherever you go.
  • Inferno: You are immune to fire, but you are constantly shrouded in flames.
  • Perk Gamble: You gain two random perks.
  • Blood Pact: You gain four random perks but your maximum health is halved.
  • Perks For Sale: Perks are sometimes available for purchase in the temple shop.
  • Sprite Summoning: Mischievous sprites are summoned to fight for you.
  • Adaptive Protection: After taking damage, you gain 80% resistance to that damage type for 5 seconds.

You can toggle individual perks in NUKES_PERKS_CONFIG.lua, open it with Notepad++ or some other text editor.

Fancy jetpack

This mod tweaks the jetpack particles to be affected by airflow. They look cooler.

More altars

This mod adds 4 altars to the first 2 levels. They have a small chance to appear so you won't find them very often.

  • Blood Altar: The Gods desire an offering of flesh.
  • Stone Altar: The Gods desire an offering of stone tablets.
  • Magic Altar: The Gods desire an offering of wands or magic spells.
  • Corrupted Altar: ???

The wrong offering may offend the Gods.

NOTE: This mod requires the nukes_spells mod from this pack in order to work properly.

More magical stones

This mod adds 3 new magical stones to the game and also slightly increases your chance of finding a magical stone on a pedestal.

  • Emberstone: A stone imbued with the elemental power of fire.
  • Rimestone: A stone imbued with the elemental power of ice.
  • Angelstone: A purifying stone blessed by the Gods.

Random starter wand

This mod basically just does what daily runs do, except for normal runs. Your wand will have a randomized low-level spell as well as semi-random stats.

Improved first floor wands

This mod increases the variety of spells that wands on the first floor will have. It also introduces a small chance for projectile wands to have a projectile mod (such as double shot, etc).

I tried to keep this mod balanced so that the wands you find aren't too powerful. It just makes the wands a bit more interesting.

Ice collision fix

This mod makes it easier to get unstuck when you get caught on pixels of ice. If you find yourself encased in ice somehow, you can dig upwards slowly to escape.

Simple invincibility frames

This mod makes the player invincible for a very short time span when they take damage. You can tweak the settings in CONFIG_IFRAMES.lua, open it with Notepad++ or some other text editor.

Improved workshop

This mod changes the logic used in the workshops for spawning items you can buy. It ensures that there will always be 2 or 3 wands you can purchase. The rest of the shop items will be spells.

Peaceful shopping

This mod moves the angry god spawn point to the temple exit so you can buy wands in peace. He will still be pissed off and waiting for you.

Angry god bounty

This mod makes the angry god drop a random perk when killed.

Better procedural wands

This mod improves the algorithm the game uses to generate random wands found on pedestals. With this mod active, wands that are spawned without any sort of projectile spell will have one added so that you don't end up finding a useless wand that can't cast anything.

NOTE: This mod seems to not be working currently. Removed for the time being.

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