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.NET Core Global Tool for simplify repository creation with good defaults
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Build status

NRepo Usage Animation


03/11/2019 - Output an error when the required github token is not specified

03/11/2019 - During repo creation now nrepo ask for Public Or Private Visibility


Beware this is a new tool, so be safe and backup your data.

At this time is tested only on Windows, but it should work on other os.

It's a simple tool that allow you to create a new repository or init one inside an existing folder.

Currently the tool support only c# repos with good defaults taken from the AspNetCore repos. The repo that will be created at github is going to be public.

It will add

  • .editorconfig
  • .gitignore
  • .gitattributes


  • Ability to create a private repository over github.
  • Allow templates to be specified for other languages
  • Custom local templates

Setup && usage

To install just issue this command, it require dotnet 2.2.200

dotnet tool install --global NukedBit.NRepo --version 0.1.1

If you want to enable the remote creation of the github repository you need to setup the environment variable NREPO_GITHUB_TOKEN with your github token you can follow this guide on how to create one, you just need to select the repo permission and it’s children’s setting

You can either specify a folder with -n:mynewrepo or if you just specify -n it will use the current folder.

nrepo -n:mynewrepo


nrepo -n

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