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TwitGrid: Because TweetDeck is a mess at times.

TwitGrid is a simple, broadsheet layout for reading Twitter feeds that shows a dense, instant overview of the latest posts from only the users you care about. It doesn't mix multiple feeds up into an infinite-scrolling jumble.

The View

You will see feeds from only the specified handles, like so:

Because most people have usable long-term memory, you'll know what you have read and haven't, somewhat in the vein of RSS (though less automatic).

There will not be an algorithm intermediating what you want to see and what you actually see or surfacing things it thinks you might be interested in.


URL Fragment

  1. Specify the handles you want as part of the URL fragment:;users=vilimpoc,checklyhq,dspillere,gusso,GreatDismal,tim_nolet,mihriminaz,FaberCastell;users_sorted=BVG_Kampagne,fryuppolice,KoreanTravel,thingiverse,NI_News,steak_umm,ConanOBrien,taylorswift13

    This is bookmarkable.

  2. Done.

Local Hard-Coded Version

  1. Save a copy of twitgrid.html anywhere.

  2. Edit the lists of Twitter handles you want to see:

    const handlesTopInterests = 'vilimpoc checklyhq dspillere GreatDismal tim_nolet';
    const handlesFunStuff     = 'BVG_Kampagne fryuppolice KoreanTravel thingiverse NI_News steak_umm ConanOBrien taylorswift13 jimmykimmel';
  3. Call the render() method, with optional alphabetical sorting:

    render(handlesFunStuff, true);
  4. Reload the page and enjoy.

Page Navigation

On Desktops

Page Up / Down will smooth scroll the whole viewport, snapping to the next set of feeds.
Mouse Wheel Up / Down scrolls the individual user feeds.
Home / End scrolls to the top / bottom, as expected.

On Mobile

Tap the navigation buttons to flip pages, or drag individual feeds.

Live Demo

See a demo here (this link leaves GitHub).

Video Explainer

Watch the video


It's a single page with inlined SVGs, no dependencies, pure ES6 Javascript. Not even lodash.

Styling: Changing the Column Count

Edit this:

.twit  { flex: 0 0 20%; }

And this:

// Change this to suit the width of your monitor.
const columnCount = 5;


Because TweetDeck is a mess at times.






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