NukeViet CMS is multi Content Management System. NukeViet CMS is the 1st open source content management system in Vietnam. NukeViet was awarded the Vietnam Talent 2011, the Ministry of Education and Training Vietnam officially encouraged to use.
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Introduction about NukeViet

NukeViet is the first opensource CMS in Vietnam. The lastest version - NukeViet 4 coding ground up support lastest web technologies, include reponsive web design (use HTML 5, CSS 3, Composer, XTemplate), jQuery, Ajax...) enables you to build websites and online applications rapidly.

With it own core libraries built in, NukeViet 4 is cross platforms and frameworks independent. By basic knowledge of PHP and MySQL, you can easily extend NukeViet for your purposes.

NukeViet core is simply but powerful. It supports abstract modules which can be duplicate. So, it helps you create automatically many modules without any line of code from existing abstract modules.

NukeViet supports installing automatically modules, blocks, themes at Admin Control Panel and supports packing features which allow you to share your modules to web- community.

NukeViet fully supports multi-languages for internationalization and localization. Not only multi-interface languages but also multi-database languages are supported. NukeViet supports you to build new languages which are not distributed by NukeViet.

Detailed information about Nukeviet at Wikipedia Encyclopedia:


NukeViet is released under GNU/GPL version 2 or any later version.

See LICENSE.txt for the full license.

NukeViet official website


Nukeviet Centre for Research and Development


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  • Phone: +84-4-85872007, Fax: +84-4-35500914, Email: contact (at)