Nukkit is a Nuclear-Powered Server Software For Minecraft: Pocket Edition
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  • If you want to join the Nukkit development, you can send an e-mail with your coding experience to After we check the mail, you may receive an invitation to join the MCConCN/NukkitDev team (If not passed, we will inform you).
  • Our goal is to make Nukkit Community active again.
  • Changes in the temporary repo can be merged to this repo when they are stable
  • This decision is made by PeratX and MagicDroidX on 2017/12/17 0:11:13
  • The temporary repo is located here


Nukkit is nuclear-powered server software for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. It has a few key advantages over other server software:

  • Written in Java, Nukkit is faster and more stable.
  • Having a friendly structure, it's easy to contribute to Nukkit's development and rewrite plugins from other platforms into Nukkit plugins.

Nukkit is under improvement yet, we welcome contributions.

Example servers running Nukkit


Get Nukkit & Plugins

Recommended Sites

Thank you for visiting our official sites. Our official websites are provided free of charge, and we do not like to place ads on the home page affecting your reading. If you like this project, please donate to us. All the donations will only be used for Nukkit websites and services.

Build JAR file

  • git submodule update --init
  • mvn clean package


Simply run or start.cmd, or execute java -jar Nukkit.jar.

Plugin API

Example Plugin

Example Plugin which shows the API of Nukkit.


Please read the CONTRIBUTING guide before submitting any issue. Issues with insufficient information or in the wrong format will be closed and will not be reviewed.