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Coworfing is built by the coworking community to share the best places to work.

Depending on your skills and desires, there are different ways for you to participate. Check the What To Work On? section below to find something to help with, and then the How to contribute to get started with our code.

New features are released regularly. Follow us on Twitter @coworfing, our blog and like our Facebook page. If you have any doubts or questions, let us know:

Happy contribution!


##1. Report an issue

Found a problem?

First check that you are the only one to have spotted it by searching similar issues in the issues list. If your issue is not listed, then create a bug report, with at least an explicit title and a descriptive text, the part of code posing a problem, and (it would be great) a unit test showing what goes wrong.

##2. Solve an issue

Here is a list of the priorities to solve. Click on the item to see the corresponding issue. Comment on the issue if you have any doubts or questions. The list is sorted by priority (first item is the most important).

##3. Try and assess pending pull requests

You can also try pending pull request that have been submitted to us to test their validity.

##4. Propose new features

Email us at before you propose a new feature as we are currently focusing on solving issues rather than introducing new features.


##1. Getting ready to contribute

First, you'll need to have a working Rails development environment. Check the Contributing to Ruby on Rails page.

Be sure to have PostgreSQL configured, as well as bundler, and of course Git.

Then grab the code and deploy coworfing locally on your computer:

  • Fork the coworfing repo on GitHub

  • Clone your fork:

      git clone
  • Get into your coworfing directory and run

      bundle install
  • create a postgres user for the app

      su - postgres
      create role coworfing with createdb login password 'yourpassword';
  • you may have to edit your pg_hba.conf to be able to log to your database. More details here.

  • run

      rake db:seed
  • to prepare the test database

      RAILS_ENV=test rake db:create db:schema:load
  • you have to create SECRET_TOKEN for verifying the integrity of signed cookies

      rake secret
  • finaly put your token to .env as SECRET_TOKEN=### (see .env.example)

Coworfing is now deployed locally on your computer!

##2. Submitting your changes

If you feel like adding your stone to the collaborative coworfing cathedral, please do so using a clear procedure:

  • work on your cloned repo

  • commit the changes you are happy with on your computer, with a short and clear comment for each commit

  • Before pushing, be sure that you updated you cloned repo, changes might have occurred while you were working:

    • create a remote

          git remote add coworfing
    • Get the changes

          git fetch coworfing
    • Get back on your branch and merge

          git checkout master
          git merge coworfing/master
    • Update your repo on GitHub

          git push origin master

Then you can issue a pull request. Be sure to comment precisely what your request adds, and accompany it with all necessary tests. There is a chance that other contributors or the maintainers may suggest changes to your code before accepting it. Please take it as a really good sign, it means your contribution is potentially clever and interesting, and this is the way of the collaborative revolution.

Now play with the code, play with the app, find the coolest places to coworf!

License: GPL 3. See the LICENSE file for more details.