A Typetalk bot try to translate posted messages in English.
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Typetalk Google Translate Bot

This repository contains a demo of how to use webhooks with Typetalk.

If a Typetalk user posts a non-English message, this Bot will attempt to translate it. If successful, the bot will then post a reply with the English translation.

Getting Started

1. Get API key from Google

Refer to the following Google documentation for instructions on how to retrieve your own API key: https://support.google.com/cloud/answer/6158862

Save it - you'll need it later!

2. Clone this repository

Clone this repository on a publicly accessible server.

# via SSH:
$ git clone git@github.com:nulab/typetalk-google-translate-bot.git

# via HTTPS:
$ git clone https://github.com/nulab/typetalk-google-translate-bot.git

3. Run application

Fetch the package dependencies, set the Google API key you created earlier, then run the application.

$ go get all
$ export $GOOGLE_API_KEY=????????????????
$ go run app.go

4. Create Typetalk bot

Create a Typetalk bot in the Topic for which messages should be translated to English.

For more details, refer to our Typetalk webhook documentation: https://developer.nulab-inc.com/docs/typetalk/#webhook

The Webhook URL should be your host name, and the port is 12345.

e.g: https://example.com:12345/

If you'd like to use this demo app in a real environment, we strongly recommend that you configure a reverse proxy to use a different port. (We also recommend setting up HTTPS!)

5. Try it out!

Post a non-English message, such as "こんにちは". If everything went well, the bot should reply with the message, "Hello"!