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;; tests for Nu closures.
;; Copyright (c) 2007 Tim Burks, Radtastical Inc.
;; These tests will fail with old-style (0.1.x) Nu closures,
;; which can be enabled by defining CLOSE_ON_VALUES at compilation time.
;; In Nu-0.2.0 and later, closures are made on name bindings.
(class TestClosures is NuTestCase
(- (id) testAccumulator is
;; The accumulator function from Paul Graham's
;; "Revenge of the Nerds",
(function make-accumulator (n)
(do (i) (set n (+ n i))))
(set accumulator (make-accumulator 0))
(assert_equal 1 (accumulator 1))
(assert_equal 3 (accumulator 2))
(assert_equal 6 (accumulator 3))
(set accumulator (make-accumulator 5))
(assert_equal 6 (accumulator 1))
(assert_equal 8 (accumulator 2))
(assert_equal 11 (accumulator 3)))
(- (id) testScoping is
(set x 0)
;; Here we redefine x inside the let context, so
;; assignments to x in the block do not affect the outer x
(10 times: (do (i) (let ((x x)) (set x (+ x 1)))))
(assert_equal 0 x)
;; Here we refer to the outer binding of x, so
;; assignments to x in the block do affect the outer x
(10 times: (do (i) (set x (+ x 1)) (set y x)))
(assert_equal 10 x)
(assert_equal 10 ((context) objectForKey:'x))
;; but assignments to y are invisible in the outer context
(assert_equal nil ((context) objectForKey:'y))))