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;; tests for the Nu public interface.
;; Copyright (c) 2007 Tim Burks, Radtastical Inc.
(class TestInterface is NuTestCase
;; all of these calls could be made from Objective-C
;; using methods that are declared in Nu/Nu.h
(- (id) testParser is
;; create a parser
(set parser (Nu parser))
;; set a variable in the top-level context using KVC
(parser setValue:2 forKey:"x")
;; parse text into an evaluatable object
(set code (parser parse:"(set x (+ x x))"))
;; evaluate the parsed code
(set result (parser eval:code))
(assert_equal 4 result)
;; parsed code objects can be evaluated any number of times
(set result (parser eval:code))
(assert_equal 8 result)
;; KVC is broadly interpreted to allow any Nu expression as a key
(assert_equal 16 (parser valueForKey:"(+ x x)"))
;; But for setting, the key must be a symbol name
(parser setValue:"hello" forKey:"y")
;; Symbol values can also be looked up using parse: and eval:
(assert_equal "hello" (parser eval:(parser parse:"y")))))