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;; tests for Nu memory management.
;; Copyright (c) 2008 Tim Burks, Radtastical Inc.
(class TestMemory is NuTestCase
(unless (and (eq (uname) "Darwin")
((NSGarbageCollector defaultCollector) isEnabled))
(- testCreationInObjCUsingObjC is
(NuTestHelper resetDeallocationCount)
(5 times:
(do (i)
(set x (NuTestHelper helperInObjCUsingAllocInit))))
(assert_equal 5 (NuTestHelper deallocationCount)))
(- testCreationInNuUsingObjC is
(NuTestHelper resetDeallocationCount)
(3 times:
(do (i)
(set x (NuTestHelper helperInNuUsingAllocInit))))
(assert_equal 3 (NuTestHelper deallocationCount)))
(- testCreationInObjCUsingNu is
(NuTestHelper resetDeallocationCount)
(3 times:
(do (i)
(set x (NuTestHelper helperInObjCUsingNew))))
(assert_equal 3 (NuTestHelper deallocationCount)))
(- testCreationInObjCUsingNuWithOwnership is
(NuTestHelper resetDeallocationCount)
(5 times:
(do (j)
(set a (array))
(2 times:
(do (i)
(set x (NuTestHelper helperInObjCUsingNew))
(a addObject: x))
;; at the end of each loop iteration, the two NuTestHelpers are deleted with the iteration's autorelease pool
(assert_equal (* 2 j) (NuTestHelper deallocationCount)))))
(assert_equal 10 (NuTestHelper deallocationCount)))
(- testIvarReleaseOnDealloc is
(class IvarReleaseHelper is NuTestHelper
(set myDeallocationCount 0) ;; closure gives this variable class scope.
(+ (int) myDeallocationCount is myDeallocationCount)
(- (void) dealloc is
(set myDeallocationCount (+ myDeallocationCount 1))
(set self nil) ;; remove self from the evaluation context to prevent a crash when the context releases its contents upon deallocation.
(super dealloc)))
(NuTestHelper resetDeallocationCount)
(let () ;; let wraps its evaluation with a dedicated autorelease pool
(set f ((IvarReleaseHelper alloc) init))
(f setX:((IvarReleaseHelper alloc) init))
(f setY:((IvarReleaseHelper alloc) init))
((f x) setX:(f y))
(f setZ:(f x))
(set f nil))
(assert_equal 3 (NuTestHelper deallocationCount))
(assert_equal 3 (IvarReleaseHelper myDeallocationCount)))))
(class NuTestHelper
(+ new is
((self alloc) init))
(+ helperInNuUsingAllocInit is
((self alloc) init))
(- init is
(super init)