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;; tests for Nu protocol support.
;; Copyright (c) 2007 Tim Burks, Radtastical Inc.
(if (eq (uname) "Darwin")
(set version (NSString stringWithShellCommand:"uname -r"))
(set v (((version componentsSeparatedByString:".") 0) intValue))
(if (< v 10) ;; We can't do this in Snow Leopard
(class TestProtocols is NuTestCase
(- (id) testSimple is
;; first define a class with two methods
(class Foo is NSObject
(- hello is "hello")
(- goodbye is "goodbye"))
;; make sure that both methods work
(set foo ((Foo alloc) init))
(assert_equal "hello" (foo hello))
(assert_equal "goodbye" (foo goodbye))
;; now declare a protocol that includes only one of them
(protocol DontSayGoodbye
(- (id) hello))
(assert_equal 1 ((DontSayGoodbye methodDescriptions) count))
;; give the instance and protocol to a protocol checker
(set bar ((NSProtocolChecker alloc) initWithTarget:foo protocol:DontSayGoodbye))
;; try the two methods; only the one in the protocol should be allowed
(assert_equal "hello" (bar hello))
(assert_throws "NuUnknownMessage" (bar goodbye))))))