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Disabled smart quotes on nu console

When creating a document-based app, smart quotes somehow become enabled
on an embedded console, rendering the console useless (unable to parse
things). Turned them off.
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1 parent ac1e299 commit eb7dae2875115d3cb48d1b315a3204a62cf1c855 @tjklemz tjklemz committed Feb 15, 2014
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@@ -191,6 +191,7 @@
(backgroundColor: (NSColor colorWithDeviceRed:0.8 green:0.8 blue:1.0 alpha:0.9)
textColor: (NSColor blackColor)
insertionPointColor: (NSColor blackColor)
+ automaticQuoteSubstitutionEnabled: NO
delegate: self))
(set @startOfInput 0)
(set @insertionPoint 0)

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