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gem 'rails', '~>3.2.3'
gem 'blacklight', '~> 3.3.2'
# gem 'hydra-head', '~> 4.0.0'
gem 'hydra-head', :git=>"git://"
# We will assume that you're using sqlite3 for testing/demo,
# but in a production setup you probably want to use a real sql database like mysql or postgres
gem 'sqlite3'
# We will assume you're using devise in tutorials/documentation.
# You are free to implement your own User/Authentication solution in its place.
gem 'devise'
# For testing. You will probably want to use these to run the tests you write for your hydra head
group :development, :test do
gem 'rspec-rails', '>=2.9.0'
gem "jettywrapper"
# Below this line needed by git dependencies and need to be added here to avoid error
gem 'logger'
gem 'mediashelf-loggable'
gem 'childprocess'
gem 'i18n'
gem 'mime-types'
gem 'json'
gem 'net-http-digest_auth'
gem 'multipart-post'
gem 'om'
end # (leave this comment here to catch a stray line inserted by blacklight!)
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