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Contributing to Swachalit DevOps

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Swachalit is the event management and automation platform for the null Community. You can contribute to Swachalit in various ways, including but not limited to

  1. Contributing code as a developer
  2. Helping developers with guidance as a mentor
  3. Taking care of CI/CD pipeline for production Ops
  4. Taking care of logging, monitoring and alerting for SecOps
  5. Maintaining the wiki with useful documentation

Technologies Used

  1. Ruby on Rails
  2. Bootstrap, jQuery, jQuery UI
  3. MySQL
  4. Docker
  5. Bitbucket Pipelines

Contributing Code

We follow the fork and merge model for Swachalit development in Github. The workflow involves:

  1. Fork the repository in Github
  2. Clone your forked repository
  3. Create a new branch from master (e.g. feature-add-xyz / fix-for-22)
  4. Add your code
  5. Push to your forked repository to the newly created branch
  6. Raise pull request (PR) against this repository's master

Always ensure your forked repository's master is synced with upstream master (this repository) before you start working on any feature.

For detailed guide on this workflow, refer to Github - Creating a Pull Request from Fork

Contributing to Production Ops

Production server access is limited volunteers as required.

Learning Technologies

Ruby and Rails

Learning Ruby Language

Learning Ruby on Rails Framework