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Vold - exFAT/NTFS/EXT4/F2FS Support

Since AOSP only support vfat for external sdcard. Add exfat/ntfs/ext4/f2fs support for vold.


  • Android 8.1 AOSP-like system.
  • arm64 system. (Compile vold/fuse/fsck yourself if you have other arch devices)

Note: Don't use this module if you still want to use the built-in exfat driver from your rom!


  • Don't format sdcard on the phone, or otherwise it will format to FAT32.
  • OTG tested on my phone, works as well as external sdcard.
  • Since v2.0 will patch the boot image. After you flash your boot image or upgrade the magisk, module will auto patch it again while booting. After that you need reboot to apply the patch.
  • Only support Magisk v17.1 & v20+.

Since 20.0, Magisk has add /overlay.d to patch root directory. All version after 20.0 will be supported. After upgrade Magisk, it will automatically patch ramdisk and flash it. Just reboot after boot completed.

Supported Magisk

  • Magisk 17.1
  • Magisk 20+


  • v1.0 inital release
  • v2.0 fixes issue with "Android for Work" feature(island/etc).
  • v2.0.1 merge magisk 18.0
  • v3.0.0 support magisk 17 & 20+
  • v3.0.1 add uninstall script for 20+

Known issue

  • Can't use sdcard in work space, this's Google's limitation after Oreo :(

You can report bug here if occurs issue.

vold source code can found here.

exfat/ntfs use fuse driver. soucre code is from LineageOS.


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