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Simple arduino based humidity and temperature sensing IoT device, backend and frontend
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SmartGreen is a simple arduino based temperature and humidity sensing IoT device. It was created as a part of University of Helsinki Computer Science course Internet of Things: Exactum Greenhouse.


A device for measuring temperature and relative air humidity. It measures and sends the data to the backend server every 5 minutes. One aim of the project was to make a small affordable device which could be placed to almost anywhere. Parts ordered from Ebay cost about 5,5€ per device (excluding jumper cables, 3D printed box and USB charger).

Data is displayed on a dashboard web page which allows the user easily to follow changes and latest measurements from the device. All devices send a device identifier with the data so user can have multiple devices measuring different locations.

Backend is running in Heroku (PaaS) platform and data is stored to MongoDB (MongoLab).

Hardware (2 devices)

  • 2x AM2302/DHT22 (digital temperature and relative humidity sensor)
  • 2x Arduino Pro mini V3.3
  • 2x ESP 8266 - ESP-01 (wifi module)
  • 2x 5V to 3.3V DC-DC Power Supply Module AMS1117 LDO 800MA

3D Printed parts

  • 2x Device box and cover

Some commands

Start localhost MongoDB: mongod --dbpath c:\tools\mongoDB\Data\

Set production flag to Heroku: heroku config:set NODE_ENV=production

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