make it rails 4 compatible #31

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several fixes for making it compatible with rails 4 and rails 3.2.x :

  1. fix the deprecated warning when select_all is called.
  2. add select_values method
  3. let select_value and select_one take one more arguments.
@dragosmiron dragosmiron commented on the diff May 19, 2013
@@ -277,22 +277,30 @@ def delete(statement, name=nil, binds = [])
def select_all(statement, name=nil, binds = [])
with_entry_point(:select_all) do
- super(statement, name)
+ x = super(statement, name)
dragosmiron May 19, 2013

i would try and find a better variable name than x


Check #32 for a more complete implementation of AR4 support. This pull can be closed.

@tubaxenor tubaxenor closed this May 28, 2013
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