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Quick Color Picker for Notepad++
C++ Objective-C C
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misc minor update Oct 28, 2015
shared updated header files to latest version Feb 22, 2014
.gitignore possible glitch fix Jul 2, 2016
NppQCP.cpp fix plugin command id error Oct 28, 2015
NppQCP.h minor update Oct 28, 2015
NppQCP.rc add two command for hotkey assignment Oct 28, 2015
NppQCP.sln initial appveyor.yml CI config Jul 2, 2017
NppQCP.vcproj No commit message Mar 6, 2013
NppQCP.vcxproj initial appveyor.yml CI config Jul 2, 2017
NppQCP.vcxproj.user * rewrite color code highlight, greatly improved performance Mar 8, 2013 Update Oct 28, 2015
appveyor.yml initial appveyor.yml CI config Jul 2, 2017
csscolorparser.cpp * Use for css color … Oct 26, 2015
csscolorparser.hpp * Use for css color … Oct 26, 2015
no_ms.vsprops * Use for css color … Oct 26, 2015
resource.h * Changed undeline drawing method Oct 24, 2015

A color picker plugin for Notepad++ The C++ Color Picker class can also be reused in other programs.

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  • Fixed crash problem cause by Scintilla RegExp search interface
  • Use self-drawn underline marker to avoid comflict with other plugins & features
  • Added Color Picker & Screen Picker commands for hotkey assignment
  • Added HSL & HSLA color format support
  • Added transparent color support (with adjustment)
  • Use SPACE key toggle mouse speed in Screen Picker for better aiming
  • Slightly enlarged UI elements

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  • HEX/RGB/RGBA/HSL/HSLA color code highlight
  • Double-click activation of color picker
    • double-click hex code portion "ffcc00" of hex string
    • double-click "rgb"/"rgba"/"hsl"/"hsla" header of bracket colors
  • Allow assign hotkeys for Color Picker and Screen Picker
  • Professional color palette
    • same palette layout as in most popular design software
    • recent color swatches
    • mark current color on palette
    • compare new & old colors
  • Quick HSLA color tuning
    • click to fine-tune the Hue, Saturation, Lightness or Transparency of your color
    • right-click on palette color to put the color into tuning swatch
  • Screen color picker
    • hide notepad++ window while picking color
    • zoomed aim, press SPACE to toggle precise aiming mode
    • real-time color code display
  • Access Windows Color Chooser
  • recent colors will appear in custom colors list

This project is using for css color parse.

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