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mkdir /root/gist
wget -O /root/gist/content_discovery_nullenc0de.txt
wget -O /root/gist/passwords.txt
wget -O /root/gist/all.txt
wget -O /root/gist/params.txt
wget -O /root/gist/altdns.txt
apt update
apt install python3-pip -y
apt-get install python3-venv libxml2 libxml2-dev libz-dev libxslt1-dev python3-dev -y
apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev libpcre3-dev libssh-dev -y
apt-get install libpcap-dev
chmod +x findomain-linux
mv findomain-linux findomain
sudo mv findomain /usr/bin/
pip3 install dnsgen
sudo apt-get install screen -y
apt install powershell-empire
apt-get install brutespray -y
sudo apt-get install commix -y
sudo apt-get install sqlmap -y
# Gobuster
apt-get install -y gobuster
# Nmap
apt-get install -y nmap
# Amass
apt-get install -y amass
# Masscan
apt-get install -y masscan
git clone /opt/Kadimus || git -C /opt/kadimus pull
cd /opt/Kadimus
cd ..
# Arjun
git clone /opt/Arjun || git -C /opt/parameth pull
ln -s /opt/Arjun/ /usr/local/bin/arjun
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/arjun
# Linkfinder
git clone || git -C /opt/LinkFinder pull
cd /opt/LinkFinder
python3 install
cd ..
GO111MODULE=on go get -v
ln -s /root/go/bin/nuclei /usr/local/bin/nuclei
apt install -y npm
npm install -g source-map-unpack
#apt-get install python3-venv
#python3 -m pip install pipx
#pipx ensurepath
#pipx install crackmapexec
apt install crackmapexec
sudo git clone /opt/bucketeer || git -C /opt/bucketeer pull
export GOPATH=/opt/jaeles-project
go get
ln -s /opt/jaeles-project/bin/jaeles /usr/local/bin/jaeles
jaeles config init
export GOPATH=/opt/pentest-tools
git clone /opt/pentest-tools
ln -s /opt/pentest-tools/ /usr/local/bin/domain-finder
pip3 install -r /opt/pentest-tools/requirements2.txt
pip3 install -r /opt/pentest-tools/requirements3.txt
export GOPATH=/opt/bbscope
go get -u
ln -s /opt/bbscope/bin/bbscope /usr/local/bin/bbscope
export GOPATH=/opt/ssrf-finder
go get -u
ln -s /opt/ssrf-finder/bin/ssrf-finder /usr/local/bin/ssrf-finder
export GOPATH=/opt/httpx
go get -v
ln -s /opt/httpx/bin/httpx /usr/local/bin/httpx
export GOPATH=/opt/wildcheck
go get -u
ln -s /opt/wildcheck/bin/wildcheck /usr/local/bin/wildcheck
export GOPATH=/opt/dnsx
go get -v
ln -s /opt/dnsx/bin/dnsx /usr/local/bin/dnsx
export GOPATH=/opt/mapcidr
go get -v
ln -s /opt/mapcidr/bin/mapcidr /usr/local/bin/mapcidr
export GOPATH=/opt/subjs
go get -u -v
ln -s /opt/subjs/bin/subjs /usr/local/bin/subjs
export GOPATH=/opt/kxss
go get -u
ln -s /opt/kxss/bin/kxss /usr/local/bin/kxss
export GOPATH=/opt/cswsh-scanner
go get -v -u
ln -s /opt/cswsh-scanner/bin/cswsh-scanner /usr/local/bin/cswsh-scanner
export GOPATH=/opt/naabu
go get -v
ln -s /opt/naabu/bin/naabu /usr/local/bin/naabu
export GOPATH=/opt/gospider
go get -u
ln -s /opt/gospider/bin/gospider /usr/local/bin/gospider
mv gospider_1.1.5_linux_x86_64/gospider /opt/gospider/bin/gospider
rm -rf gospider_1.1.5_linux_x86_64
export GOPATH=/opt/filter-resolved
go get -u
ln -s /opt/filter-resolved/bin/filter-resolved /usr/local/bin/filter-resolved
export GOPATH=/opt/dalfox
GO111MODULE=on go get -v
ln -s /opt/dalfox/bin/dalfox /usr/local/bin/dalfox
export GOPATH=/opt/unfurl
go get -u
ln -s /opt/unfurl/bin/unfurl /usr/local/bin/unfurl
export GOPATH=/opt/puredns
go get -u
ln -s /opt/puredns/bin/puredns /usr/local/bin/puredns
export GOPATH=/opt/cidr2ip
go get -u
ln -s /opt/cidr2ip/bin/cidr2ip /usr/local/bin/cidr2ip
export GOPATH=/opt/anti-burl
go get -u
ln -s /opt/anti-burl/bin/anti-burl /usr/local/bin/anti-burl
export GOPATH=/opt/interactsh
go get -u
ln -s /opt/interactsh/bin/interactsh-client /usr/local/bin/interactsh-client
export GOPATH=/opt/goverview
go get
ln -s /opt/goverview/bin/goverview /usr/local/bin/goverview
export GOPATH=/opt/ffuf
go get -u
ln -s /opt/ffuf/bin/ffuf /usr/local/bin/ffuf
export GOPATH=/opt/get-title
go get -u
ln -s /opt/get-title/bin/get-title /usr/local/bin/get-title
export GOPATH=/opt/gau
go get -u
ln -s /opt/gau/bin/gau /usr/local/bin/gau
export GOPATH=/opt/tko-subs
go get
ln -s /opt/tko-subs/bin/tko-subs /usr/local/bin/tko-subs
export GOPATH=/opt/webanalyze
go get -u
ln -s /opt/webanalyze/bin/webanalyze /usr/local/bin/webanalyze
export GOPATH=/opt/otxurls
go get -u
ln -s /opt/otxurls/bin/otxurls /usr/local/bin/otxurls
export GOPATH=/opt/hakrawler
go get
ln -s /opt/hakrawler/bin/hakrawler /usr/local/bin/hakrawler
export GOPATH=/opt/qsreplace
go get -u
ln -s /opt/qsreplace/bin/qsreplace /usr/local/bin/qsreplace
export GOPATH=/opt/subjack
go get
ln -s /opt/subjack/bin/subjack /usr/local/bin/subjack
export GOPATH=/opt/gwdomains
go get -u
ln -s /opt/gwdomains/bin/gwdomains /usr/local/bin/gwdomains
export GOPATH=/opt/tok
go get -u
ln -s /opt/tok/bin/tok /usr/local/bin/tok
export GOPATH=/opt/fff
go get -u
ln -s /opt/fff/bin/fff /usr/local/bin/fff
# HTTProbe
export GOPATH=/opt/httprobe
go get -u
ln -s /opt/httprobe/bin/httprobe /usr/local/bin/httprobe
# FProbe
export GOPATH=/opt/fprobe
go get -u
ln -s /opt/fprobe/bin/fprobe /usr/local/bin/fprobe
# Waybackurls
export GOPATH=/opt/waybackurls
go get -u
ln -s /opt/waybackurls/bin/waybackurls /usr/local/bin/waybackurls
export GOPATH=/opt/goaltdns
go get -u
ln -s /opt/goaltdns/bin/goaltdns /usr/local/bin/goaltdns
export GOPATH=/opt/httpx2bbrf
go get -v -u
ln -s /opt/httpx2bbrf/bin/httpx2bbrf /usr/local/bin/httpx2bbrf
# Gf
export GOPATH=/opt/gf
go get -u
ln -s /opt/gf/bin/gf /usr/local/bin/gf
git clone /opt/Gf-Patterns || git -C /opt/Gf-Patterns pull
mkdir ~/.gf
mv /opt/Gf-Patterns/*.json ~/.gf
# Assetfinder
export GOPATH=/opt/assetfinder
go get -u
ln -s /opt/assetfinder/bin/assetfinder /usr/local/bin/assetfinder
# Anew
export GOPATH=/opt/anew
go get -u
ln -s /opt/anew/bin/anew /usr/local/bin/anew
# Html-tool
export GOPATH=/opt/html-tool
go get -u
ln -s /opt/html-tool/bin/html-tool /usr/local/bin/html-tool
# Gowitness
export GOPATH=/opt/gowitness
go get -u
ln -s /opt/gowitness/bin/gowitness /usr/local/bin/gowitness
# Dirsearch
git clone /opt/dirsearch || git -C /opt/dirsearch pull
ln -s /opt/dirsearch/ /usr/local/bin/dirsearch
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/dirsearch
# Seclist
git clone /opt/SecLists || git -C /opt/SecLists pull
git clone || git -C /opt/dnsvalidator pull
cd dnsvalidator
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
python3 install
cd ..
# SubBrute
git clone /opt/subbrute || git -C /opt/subbrute pull
ln -s /opt/subbrute/ /usr/local/bin/subbrute
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/subbrute
# Massdns
git clone /opt/massdns || git -C /opt/massdns pull
cd massdns
make install
cd ..
# Striker
git clone /opt/striker || git -C /opt/striker pull
pip3 install -r /opt/striker/requirements.txt
ln -s /opt/striker/ /usr/local/bin/striker
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/striker
#github search
git clone || git -C /opt/github-search pull
pip3 install -r /opt/github-search/requirements2.txt
pip3 install -r /opt/github-search/requirements3.txt
# XSStrike
git clone /opt/xsstrike || git -C /opt/xsstrike pull
pip3 install -r /opt/xsstrike/requirements.txt
ln -s /opt/xsstrike/ /usr/local/bin/xsstrike
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/xsstrike
mv slackcat-1.7.1-linux-amd64 /usr/local/bin/slackcat
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/slackcat
#Configure MSF
sudo service postgresql start
msfdb init
git clone /opt/Sn1per || git -C /opt/Sn1per pull
bash /opt/Sn1per/